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At Keisling Lock & Key, LLC , we’ve been rated as one of the highest caliber commercial locksmiths in Livingston . This has everything to do with our efficiency and thoroughness when working on businesses.

Alarm System

Alarm systems are invaluable in the workplace. For many business insurance policies, they require a business to have an alarm system to be insured.
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Business Lockouts

If your business ends up in an emergency and ends up in a lockout, will you be able to have access from wherever you choose to be?
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Change Locks

Most of the time you will experience a slippage when you try to lock the door and test the handle, often the lock will slip out of place with the simplest jiggle.
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Core Locks

Many people don’t know this, but your locks are comprised of multiple interlocking pieces that make everything work.
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Detex Alarm System

There is no excuse. If your business doesn’t have an alarm system, you are putting it in jeopardy.
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Door Lock Out

Are you having problems opening a door? These problems sprout up more often than we can anticipate in the business world.
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File Cabinet Locks

Every business in America has filing cabinets; it’s just part of managing invoices and outbound payments.
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High Security Locks

When you start running a business, and it becomes successful, you are now single handedly responsible for putting ...
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Key Cut

As people leave and re-enter your location, you will always need to get new keys made for your business.
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Keyless Entry Locks

If you’re like most people, your key ring is big enough already. Being a locksmith, sometimes mine can’t even fit in my pocket!
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Lever Locks

When you open a door, do you touch a doorknob? Most people do, but if you have a horizontal handle, it is called a lever.
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Lock Change

Many business owners claim that their business is secure and safe and assure themselves that they are doing the best.
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Lock Key Services

If you are a business owner working in the city, chances are you have a lot of connections that keep your business floating.
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Lock Replacement

Are your locks starting to fail you? A business with an internal door that doesn’t quite stick all the way has a minor annoyance to deal with.
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Rekey to Master Key System

The Master Key System is a common system that creates a master key out of one key and then refashions the locks to fit that one key.
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Rekey Locks

Switching from an old lock to a new lock, the biggest concern you can experience is “what will happen to my old keys?”
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Panic Bar

Most businesses in America have emergency exits it’s part of the culture of maintaining a safe workplace.
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Repair Locks

If you are a business owner that has recently changed offices, you may be at risk of having old or poorly maintained locks.
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Restricted Key System

As a business owner, chances are you have multiple people working for you who could be keyholders at one point or another.
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Safe Installation

Like many business owners, chances are you are trying to manage your business and ensure that your security is high priority.
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Unlock Services

Being locked out happens, sometimes someone forgets a key, sometimes you have a keyholder who is late or sick.
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All the services you need, all in one place.

We offer a wide range of services to meet every type of need.
Every minute you spend being locked out of your business is a minute that you aren’t making the profit. Why should you spend your time driving back home to find your keys or calling your employees on their day off to bring you theirs when you can call your local commercial locksmith in Livingston ? Save yourself the hassle and give us a call.

Your Business’ security should be your primary concern. If you have ex-employees who previously had key access, or you lack either a CCTV or a Master Key System, then you are opening yourself up to unnecessary vulnerabilities. The best way to remedy this situation is to call us, your local commercial locksmith in Livingston today!

Did you know that installing a CCTV system, replacing the locks on a location, or implementing a master key system are all ways to increase the property value of your commercial location? We are constantly getting requests from new and old businesses alike who are looking for a commercial locksmith in Livingston to do these very services!






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